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Hysterectomy means removal of the uterus only. It can be done with or without ovary removal. Hysterectomy is usually preferred by women who are older and have completed their families. But other women of childbearing age can also choose this procedure for various reasons. You will not have menstruation and cannot be pregnant after a hysterectomy.

When is hysterectomy recommended?

Hysterectomy is usually indicated for the following reasons:

  • Heavy vaginal bleeding and painful menses
  • Leiomyomas or uterine fibroids(non-cancerous tumours)
  • Adenomyosis or thickening of uterine walls
  • Chronic pelvic pain
  • Endometriosis
  • Uterine prolapse- a condition in which the uterus slips from its position towards the vaginal canal
  • Cancer in the uterus, cervix, or ovaries.

Types Of Hysterectomy Surgeries

Any size of the uterus, small to large fibroids, and single or multiple fibroids can be removed with any of the following types of hysterectomy.

The laparoscopic approach for all Hysterectomy cases has a very low risk of complications as compared to open surgery. The biggest fibroid removed by laparoscopy was of 1.2  kg without removing the uterus. 

BY vNOTES technique (vaginal Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery)-

Recent advances in performing hysterectomy wherein the uterus is removed through the natural opening, i.e., vaginal canal. A small incision is made in the vagina and the uterus is taken out trans vaginally without leaving any cut on the abdomen.

 By Non-descent Vaginal hysterectomy

Even the uterus which has not descended can be removed vaginally, which is the non-descent vaginal hysterectomy technique. It is also for women with a prolapsed uterus (when the uterus shifts down to the canal). 

Open myomectomy or hysterectomy can also be offered if the patient demands due to cultural thoughts.

Till date (in 17 years of practice), only four cases have been converted to open surgery for patient safety. Most cases of hysterectomies are done through a minimally invasive hysterectomy approach.

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Why Choose Dr Divyatha For Hysterectomy In Abu Dhabi

If you are suffering from severe menstrual pain, fibroids, and other conditions and want relief, you can consult an expert for uterus removal in Abu Dhabi.

Dr Divyatha can guide you in choosing the right treatment based on your interest and good health for you. She is most willing to do surgery where the uterus is not removed if it helps the patient by removing only the fibroid and reconstructing the uterus. She has vast experience from India and 7 years in UAE.

She has performed several such surgeries here in UAE and has many happy patients. She is the best lady gynaecologist in Abu Dhabi who offers a  variety of approaches for hysterectomy in Abu Dhabi as per your case. She is an expert in scarless hysterectomy also, which has many advantages.