High-Risk Pregnancy

High-Risk Pregnancy

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What is High-Risk Pregnancy?

A high-risk pregnancy is one where the mother or the fetus has an increased risk of adverse outcomes compared to uncomplicated pregnancies.

These conditions can be classified into three main categories: 

  • Health problems in the mother that occur before she becomes pregnant, 
  • Health problems in the mother that occur during pregnancy, 
  • Also, certain health conditions with the fetus.


Having a high-risk pregnancy means that you need to take extra care of your body. Frequent prenatal visits & close monitoring with frequent ultrasound and laboratory tests. Special monitoring from trained providers is also essential to keep you and your baby as healthy as possible.

What are the factors that result in a high-risk pregnancy?

  • When the mother’s age is over 35.
  • Those who smoke and are addicted to alcohol and drugs.
  • Pre-eclampsia, preterm births, or previous caesarean sections.
  • Terminations or miscarriages in the past.
  • Diabetes, high blood pressure, anaemia, mental disease, lupus, and epilepsy are examples of pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Pregnancy complications such as growth limitation, infections, and rhesus incompatibility.
  • Twins and higher-order multiple pregnancies are more common.
  • Abnormality in the foetus.

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Did you know?

About 6% to 8% of all pregnancies end up having high-risk complications.

Instructions to have a safe journey

It’s natural for a high-risk pregnancy to cause anxiety over the health and wellness of the baby. 

Good prenatal care makes it possible to still have a healthy baby even if the pregnancy is high-risk. Here are a few expert instructions to follow:

  • Ideally, care should begin before pregnancy – preconception, where the doctor would evaluate your health and a few corrective measures would be advised like whether or not to start folic acid, reduction of weight and control sugars, etc.
  • Have a healthy lifestyle, gain the right amount of weight, and stay active if you’re able.
  • During pregnancy, you’ll need more protein, folic acid, iron, and calcium.
  • Find out all you can about your condition.
  • Go to all your prenatal appointments.
  • Ask your partner, family, and friends for support.
  • Look after your emotional well-being.
  • Avoid smoking or alcohol.
  • A hospital is usually the best option and often the only one available because the proper equipment and personnel are there to closely monitor the birth process and step in if something goes wrong.
  • There may also be situations that make a vaginal birth too risky and you may need to have a c-section as a result.


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Pro-Tips for healthy pregnancy care in Abu Dhabi

  • It’s a good idea to talk to our obstetrician and gynaecologist before trying to conceive. During your consultation, you can go through your medical issue in-depth, as well as your overall health and pregnancy chances.
  • Regular prenatal visits can assist the doctor in gauging your health and your baby’s too.
  • You must have supplements and a balanced diet with key nutrients such as folic acid, calcium, and iron.
  • If you were at a healthy weight pre-conception, a weight gain of 25 to 35 pounds should not harm.

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Remember, in case of a high-risk pregnancy; it is critical to stay positive and follow your doctor’s advice in order to have a healthy and successful pregnancy.

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