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The female reproductive system is a tremendously sophisticated system. Things may go wrong periodically, just as with any system. Surgery may be necessary when other therapies and treatments are unable to resolve a problem.

 Vaginal hysterectomy is one such surgical procedure used to remove a woman’s uterus .



What exactly is a vaginal hysterectomy?

Surgery to remove your uterus (womb) and cervix (womb neck) through your vagina is known as a vaginal hysterectomy. Your ovaries can be removed as well, it depends on age and  family history .nowadays , fallopian tubes are  prophylactically removed as its regarding as  harbourers of  ovarian cancer.



When is a vaginal hysterectomy required?

The indications of  hysterectomy   are  multiple . 

Uterine conservation methods are  opted  first . if  failed , hysterectomy is considered . 

vaginal approach is preferred  as  its  less  invasive  and  early  recovery anticipated.


In recent  era , approach from vagina could be by 

V  NOTES  technique 

Traditional  Vaginal  hysterectomy 

These  two  procedures  requires  expertise  and  special  training .


Vaginal hysterectomy- surgery



Advantages  are  multiple 

  • Quick  recovery 
  • No  scar  over  abdomen 
  • Less  pain and  less  medications 
  • Regional anesthesia 
  • Less  blood  loss 
  • Early  resumption of  work 



What happens during a vaginal hysterectomy procedure?

Done under  regional anesthesia  / general anesthesia 

Vaginal  incision and  approach  from below 

If large  uterus ,  technique of  coring  done 



How is the recovery period after a vaginal hysterectomy?

Reccovery is quick in most  patients 

Discharged  in 48  hours 

Normal  activities  can be  resumed

Avoid  sexual intercourse  for  6-8  weeks 

Avoid  lifting  weight  



What results should you expect after a hysterectomy procedure?

Light vaginal bleeding or a dark brown discharge is typical for 4-6 weeks following surgery.

Mild  cramping pain  



Some tips for a better recovery experience after your vaginal hysterectomy

  • During the initial few weeks, you may experience mild  vaginal bleeding. 
  • For at least 4 to 6 weeks, avoid lifting heavy  weight. 
  • Avoid  tampon insertion
  • Avoid  sex  for  6-8  weeks.
  • Start normal  exercise like  walking. Avoid  squats.
  • Normal  work can be  resumed in 2  weeks.



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