Cosmetic Gynaecology in Abu Dhabi

Cosmetic Gynaecology

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What is Cosmetic Gynaecology?

Cosmetic gynaecology in Abu Dhabi is the most recent advances in the field of female intimacy. It’s a new branch of medicine that’s constantly expanding, and it’s quickly becoming a widespread practice among women in many countries. It is mainly recommended for the issues of vaginal aesthetics.

It basically aids in:

  • The correction of any structural flaws in the vaginal canal.
  • Tightening lax or enlarged vaginal muscles after delivery
  • Rotating neighbouring tissues to recreate missing sections of the vagina due to a congenital abnormality.
  • The overall feeling of the vagina


Cosmetic Vaginal Surgeries

Dr Divyatha is a well-known Cosmetic gynaecologist in Abu Dhabi. Her precision and dedication to her services have earned her happy and satisfied patients throughout these years.

One of her specialized areas is the Vaginal Rejuvenation procedure.

Treatments Offered

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Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation is a treatment that:

  • Improves the appearance of the vaginal area.
  • Reconstructs the vaginal canal, the internal muscles of the uterus, surrounding skin and tissues, mucous membrane, and other vulvovaginal components of the uterus.
  • Aims to “tighten up” a sagging or loose vagina as a result of vaginal delivery or ageing.
  • The vaginal tightening technique tightens the muscles that surround the vaginal opening.
  • Removes extra skin on the inside and outside of the vagina, providing patients with a more appealing vagina.
  • Also helps patients with extreme laxity.
  • Improves vaginal function, health, and appearance of the Labia.
  • A tighter and more enticing vagina can improve sexual interactions for both the individual and her partner
  • Significant advantages of relatively short and painless recovery.

Appropriate for women:

  • Who has vaginal looseness, sagging, and/or incontinence as a result of childbirth, weight loss, or due to the natural ageing process.
  • Who have had physical discomfort or agony as a result of swollen or elongated labia lips caused by pulling, chafing, or rubbing against clothing.

Here are some other cosmetic vaginal procedures performed by her.

It is done for reshaping and enlarging the labia in women who were born with irregular labia or who have developed irregularities as a result of childbirth or age.

This procedure involves:

  • Removing extra vaginal lining and tightening the surrounding tissues to return the vagina to its former size.
  • This technique puffs up the labia by injecting fat from another part of the body into the labia, stretching the creases.
  • It is a technique that uses liposuction to remove extra fat from the vulva, making the vulva appear less prominent.

A G-Spot is an erogenous spot in the vaginal canal that enlarges when stimulated.

  • This surgery involves injecting chemicals like collagen into the G-spot to increase the size of the G-spot.
  • The technique improves a woman’s sexual satisfaction.


Nevertheless, this treatment is only temporary, with the result lasting only a few months before the process must be repeated.

  • The technique removes skin from the clitoris hood (head) in order to boost sexual pleasure.
  • The process helps enhance a woman’s sexual pleasure by increasing stimulation.

What are the common advantages of these Cosmetic Gynaecology in Abi Dhabi?

Apart from rejuvenating vaginal appearance, cosmetic gynaecology in Abu Dhabi also helps in treating medical problems, such as:

  • Healing female genital injuries
  • Correcting labial hypertrophy (enlarged labia)
  • Persistent discomfort
  • Excessive male hormone secretion by female ovaries.


Psychological aid:

  • The appearance of a woman’s vaginal region can have a significant impact on her self-confidence and sex life. Making it look better can bring a substantial difference in her life.
  • It also aids in the restoration of your self-esteem and the re-invention of your lifestyle.


Why choose Dr Divyatha as your cosmetic gynaecologist in Al Ain region?

Dr Divyatha, the best cosmetic gynaecologist in Abu Dhabi, has an empathetic approach towards every case. She assists you in a confidential and private setting, knowing that these are delicate issues to resolve.

Having years of expertise in women’s health, she understands the sensitivity of this domain. Hence, she ensures that the patient is well-outlined about what to expect after the surgery from the moment the procedure is regarded as an option.

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